JL Robbins


Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia on September 22, 1972, J L Robbins was an only child who found escape through his artwork.
Standard elementary schools were replaced by boarding schools and high schools were replaced by a strict Southern Baptist military academy. He soon realized in this environment that the only way to gain individuality was through one's creativity.
In 1994 Robbins enrolled in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Industrial Design Technology.
After graduating in the Spring of 97' he soon moved to Los Angeles where he began working as a lab technician fabricating prosthetics and orthotics until 2000 when he left to pursue his painting full time.

Robbins' work has appeared in NY Arts and he has been the featured artist in Tattoo Savage, Big Wheel, Destroy All and Sand Canyon Review magazines and is included in such books as Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles and in volumes I and II of "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" as well as on the cover of Static-X's album "Start a War".
In 2007 he produced concept art for the trailer of the film, "Hannibal Rising" and in 2008 elements for the film "The Dark Knight".

JL Robbins' work is represented by Les Barany.